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Store fron business  , Wehave been in business  since  1986Thanks for visiting !!
Chula Vista Gun Accessories.
 After serving the United States Marine Corps ,I decided to open a  small store, not knowing, that  it would become a lifetime  job well that  was in 1986 , twenty  eight  years later we are still here and going strong,  now its a family shop and have made  thousands of friends in those 28  years  .we are the oldest and only  shop in San Diego that focuses  a 100% on gun accessories  only   ,We carry  over 4,000  different items  from practical to tactical,We welcome you  to your  place  where your opinion and customer satisfaction is our  goal  and  where  I  the  owner ,  will  answer  any question you might have, In my shop you  deal  with me directly and not  a   gunshop commando that make  10.00 dollars and  hour and act like they own the place  In my place we will treat  you with respect and  if you tell us your new to the  shooting sports  we  will try to guide you and teach you not  chastize you  for not  knowing one gun  from another,   WE are sorry but  we dont have  former special forces  or navy Seals  working  with us   we  only have   recreational  shooters and  hunters but they really  enjoy it .
We have the only  belt fed  uppers  in  San  Diego !!!
Mention you  visited our  website and  get  a  10% discount  on any item in stock!!
Military and  NRA members   get  a  special discount   always !!
We also want to thank  all our loyal customers  for  your support and trust thru out this hard  times, we are trying our hardest to  not onlyto   find  what  you need    but also to keep the  costs  down  as much  as  we can.
Venga y visitenos ,  aqui lo atendemos  como se merece   con trato amable y  cordial  ,     aqui no le vamos  a  hacer mala cara por ser latino  y  no hablar  Ingles,  tenemos  28  anos de  experiencia ,vendemos  todo lo que ustedes pueda  necesitar ya sea para  trabajo o  tirador  competitivo. si no lo tenemos  se lo  ordenamos  especialmente para usted   , Venga  visitenos   aqui nos hechamos una  platicada.
WE carry more Accessories  than  anyone in  San Diego     from tactical  to practical.
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